Kibblewhite apologises, Key’s image erodes

Great to see innovative approaches .

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I’m not a fan of resignations every time a politician or public servant is accused of making a mistake. If all calls for resignations were heeded we would have a gutted and paralysed democracy.

There were predictable calls for the Prime Minister’s chief executive, Andrew Kibblewhite, to resign over failing to advise the Prime Minister or the public about the sending of the  contents of emails between Peter Dunne and Andrea Vance to the Henry inquiry without authorisation.

Kibblewhite has apologised and offered his resignation, but Key hasn’t accepted it. NZ Herald reports:

The Prime Minister’s chief public servant, Andrew Kibblewhite, offered his resignation to John Key for breaching the no-surprises rule in matters crucial to the David Henry inquiry, but it was rejected.

Mr Kibblewhite, however, has apologised to Mr Key for failing to tell him that the content of emails between United Future leader Peter Dunne and reporter…

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