Michael Heseltine – Rebalancing the British Economy

Heseltine was known as the leader of the progressives in the Conservative Party while Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister. Here he outlines some interesting ideas here – especially around devolving resources to the regions and partnerships with communities.

England calling

12 June House of Commons

Robert Henderson

Michael Heseltine was the sole speaker.  He has recently submitted a government-commissioned report No Stone Unturned (http://www.bis.gov.uk/assets/BISCore/corporate/docs/N/12-1213-no-stone-unturned-in-pursuit-of-growth.pdf).

It was unusually depressing fare,  because like the later Bourbons Heseltine has forgotten nothing and learned nothing.  He laid out his ancient political  wares, soiled by at least three decades of repetition and non-implementation, namely,   the decentralisation of power and the spending of taxpayers’ money to local level. To this end Heseltine envisaged  the Westminster government, national Civil Service and  the Quangocracy  playing the role of turkeys voting  for Christmas as they happily let power and influence slip away while   local politicians in league with  bodies representing  local business  and various  non-commercial interests enthusiastically  and ably grasped the new responsibilities . Here is the gruesome catalogue impracticality as it appears in No Stone Unturned:

A blueprint for the future

30. All this has led…

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