Mothers aren’t fathers

One of the biggest unmet needs today is for sons to have good relationships with their fathers. Here is a group trying to do something about it and this is what happens. Is it PC madness or did I miss something?


A primary school cancelled a father-son bonding session after a solo mother demanded to be included.

Two “Band of Brothers” seminars were arranged by Matakana School to help fathers get more involved in their sons’ lives, and as a forum for dads to share their issues. One session was for dads and another was for fathers and sons.

A solo mum wanted to attend but was told she couldn’t because her presence would inhibit discussion. She was told a mother and son seminar was planned for later in the year.

“We really just wanted an opportunity for the guys to open up and chat, and they wouldn’t particularly want to do if there were females around – which I think is understandable,” said principal Darrel Goosen.

And what’s wrong with that?

Traditionally fathers have played a lesser hands-on role in their children’s lives than mothers.

It was his role to…

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