Maori Party puts action ahead of rhetoric

The decision by the Maori Party to conclude an Agreement with the National-led government represents a triumph of pragmatism over noisy rhetoric. 
In the Parliament elected by New Zealanders on November 26th only one of the major parties was in a position to form a government and that was National.  The choice before the Maori Party was therefore a simple one – should it offer limited support to the government in return for certain policy gains which would have a positive and practical impact on daily life for Maori or should it go into Opposition for the next three years?
The Whanau Ora programme which is still in its infancy has not yet had a chance to be implemented, to work and to be evaluated.  The Maori Party has already chalked up particular policy wins during the 2008-11 term of office – including a not insignificant amount of public funding for Maori development.  Since the emergence of the Maori Party both major parties have been competing for Maori support.  For that alone the party deserves credit.  In politics talk is cheap. Ultimately actions do speak louder than words.

One thought on “Maori Party puts action ahead of rhetoric

  1. the Maori party deserved to be acknowledge at all levels within the society of Aotearoa. the policies the public funding for maori has been a ongoing battle for many many years and finaly we have a formal say and access to funding rightfully ours. this has a positive effect for all maori and all new zealanders long and short term,from this point forward, lets not forget also the queen of england whom wants such things to be implemented and completed. things arent yet completed given the status of whanau ora and many other inititives quietly working on the ground. we need to all participate proactively productively and with intend and support to ensure the Maori party can continue to develop and process the business of the rights of new zealands fist nations peoples.. job well done i say both to the maori party and to their families that support them and the mahi.. should you need my support I will be there.. you have my contact details.. Nga Mihi – C- Dally-Rangitoheriri – CDR

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