Conservative principles

About NZC. sets out some conservative principles which underlie most conservative political thinking.  Having said that there are many variants within conservative political thought.  British conservatives have included moderates such as Lord Hailsham, Harold MacMillan and David Cameron.  But they have also included people with a more individualist view such as Margaret Thatcher. 

In the USA the conservative party – the Republicans – has included moderates such as Abraham Lincoln who led progressive social reforms such as the abolition of slavery; Dwight Eisenhower who enacted the first of the modern civil rights laws; and Gerald Ford who led the US in the immediate aftermath of the Watergate crisis.  In more recent times this more moderate wing of the party has been eroded by various voices on the right of the party – such as libertarian Ron Paul and Tea Party activist and 2008 Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.  The shift towards narrow libertarian individualism has co-incided with a decline in popular support from US voters compared to the popularity enjoyed by the party during the Reagan years in the 1980s.


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