>The World’s Biggest Debtor Nations – CNBC


The World’s Biggest Debtor Nations – CNBC
So much for the Irish miracle. Ireland – the growth tiger of the 1980s and 90s is now at risk of becoming Europe’s pauper.  Coming in with an external debt of around $2.39 trillion (2009 Q3) and total 2009 GDP (est): $177.3 billion Ireland’s external debt (as % of GDP): = 1,352% Gross external debt. It is now the world’s biggest debtor nation in terms of external debt to GDP.

New Zealand (even with its large household debt levels does not feature in the top 20 biggest debtor nations). The efforts of Messrs Birch and Cullen in salting away some surpluses and repaying government debt have all help reduce New Zealand’s level of gross external debt.


2 thoughts on “>The World’s Biggest Debtor Nations – CNBC

    • Thanks Nick. That graph only shows “public debt” which I understand to be government debt. On that basis NZ does quite well. However, if you also add in the level of debt owed by kiwi households and businesses then we end up having a very poor debt per capita position.

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