MLK speech still relevant today

MLK still has a lot to teach today’s unthinking reactionaries about the need for justice and leftist extremists about nonviolent protest.

All people are created equal. Character matters, not skin colour.

Don’t ease border restrictions

It’s understandable that large commercial interests should lobby the government to ease border restrictions. These companies have seen reductions in profits as the tourism industry has suffered from the covid19 pandemic.

Keep the borders strong until it is safe.

But the latest study funded by air NZ should not sway the government in it’s primary role of securing the health of the nation.

Protection of the most vulnerable is more important than prematurely taking risks with the nation’s health and safety.

Obama calls out bullying on social media

Former President Obama challenges bullying and judgmentalism, especially in social media. We need to be able to disagree agreeably. Sometimes we are wrong and the other person is right. Real social change doesn’t happen by driving underground those views with which we disagree.

Covid-19: More cases of highly contagious UK and South Africa variants detected in MIQ facilities

Perhaps it would be wise to slowdown the intake of people from high risk countries until after the vaccines have been completely rolled out in NZ? Give MIQ staff less pressure.